German Breeders' Association Rhodesian Ridgeback


In 1974, the first litter of the Rhodesian Ridgeback with a proven ancestry was registered by the VDH (German Breeders’ Association) The breeder was Mrs. Anne Müller, in Helvesiek, Lower Saxony. 

The DZRR (German Breeders' Association Rhodesian Ridgeback) is made up of responsible breeders, who are keen to preserve the originality of this wonderful dog, and thus give people a valuable companion. The DZRR has become the largest German Rhodesian Ridgeback club. 

The DZRR offers their members:

regional support in 5 national groups with walks, exchange of ideas, lectures and training courses for handlers and dogs, preparation for the companion-dog examination, the VDH magazine "Unser Rassehund" (12 times a year), the annual club winner show, special breed shows, puppy brokerage, breeding advice and training for breeders. 


                                                          German Breeders' Association Rhodesian Ridgeback:

Deutsche Züchtergemeinschaft Rhodesian Ridgeback e.V. DZRR
Eingetragen beim Amtsgericht Rotenburg/Walsrode, Vereinsregisternummer VR 170317



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